What are TPs?

Talking Partners or Training Partners (TPs) is a co-mentoring program designed to help employees increase their awareness and improve judgment. Akin to a having a gym buddy – TPs are your Training Partners in development and a second screen for decision-making. It is the most basic unit of training and working as a team at Next Jump.

Why we do it

We have found that especially in leadership roles, great decision making is of vital importance.  The TP program is at it’s heart a “decision-making system” and an emotional training ground.  Two individuals get to know each others’ strengths and impediments, and can talk out frustrations and decisions in order to improve their decision-making process. Your TP helps you develop your self-awareness, and first practice ground for vulnerability, and giving and receiving feedback.

How it works

Each TP meeting is organized around a framework: Meet-Vent-Work

  • Meet – Find a consistent time meet, ideally in the morning. Make this practice a daily   ritual.
  • Vent – “Get the toxins out” – anything from your home life or work life is fair game for   discussion. TP is a place which honors your anxieties and struggles as part of who you are.
  • Work – After you vent, get to work. TPs are expected to push each other for greatness   and help each other with decision making in their work. Honest feedback is critical between   TPs.

Partnering Tips

  • TPs should own something together. It could be a culture event or core business, but owning something together, under stress, will help each other see backhands and develop together.
  • Try partnering opposites – Two people who think the exact same way don’t make good TPs – they don’t challenge each other. At Next Jump, we partner “arrogant” and “insecure.”

Posted by Next Jump Education Team

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