Tarun Gidoomal
January 17, 2017
  1. Coaches share their unpolished thoughts quickly to help their teams get thinking how to attack the problem. Handlers wait for a well devised plan for the team to execute on, and is the bottleneck for the team.


  1. Coaches make their team FEEL ownership. Handlers take ownership and make teams FEEL like execution monkeys.


  1. Coaches take the time to help identify the root cause of a problem. Handlers will be quick to give solutions.


  1. Coaches give the context of WHY we are doing things, can set some constraints of HOW we intend to get there, but give ownership of WHAT we do (details). Handlers are prescriptive with WHAT to do with little to no context on WHY we do it.


  1. Coaches have clear goals and expectations of their team. Handlers hold little individual accountability.


  1. Coaches recognize the team when they’ve shown progress, and push the team when they have not. Handlers will either praise the team when the outcome is met (irrespective of how the team got there), take credit for their team’s work, or not push the team for greatness (low expectations)


  1. Coaches emphasise sharing notes / emails/ interactions with leadership downwards for their team for context. Handlers emphasise sharing upwards to look good.


  1. Coaches take responsibility for their team’s environment (including TP, SW, Rev, Culture). Handlers solely focus on people being productive & getting most work out of them.


  1. Coaches guide their team to get to the right place. Handlers give little leeway for mistakes, and are very prescriptive on the details of what to do.


  1. Coaches have a vision for the people on their team, and where they can be in 5 years, and help them realize their potential

Posted by Next Jump Education Team

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