Make the healthy choice the easy choice. Healthy Snacks is a program under our Fitness & Nutrition (FitNut) initiative. Healthy snacks provides an environment where the easy snack choice is a healthy one.

The Origins

Healthy Snacks were introduced to facilitate healthier nutrition for our employees throughout the day. Most people will crave a snack at some point in the day. In fact, snacking between meals is a good thing. To stabilize our blood sugar level, which helps us maintain energy and focus, we should eat every four. Instead of going to a vending machine for chips or soda, we wanted our employee to have easy access to healthy snacking options right in the office. At Next Jump, snacks include nuts, fruit, greek yogurt and many other healthy and delicious options.

The office environment is engineered so that whenever an employee reaches for a snack, it’s a healthy one.



  • Identify providers that specialize in healthy snacks
  • Make snacks visible – clear snack bins or clear glass refrigerators
  • Place 4 oz cups next to snack bin (recommended serving size)
  • Start with a limited selection. This is not a grocery store.
  • Label green, yellow, red for what is ‘great to eat = green’ and what should be had ‘occasionally = red’
  • Collect feedback and keep track of what gets eaten and what doesn’t
  • Avoid too much sugar and calories: fresh is best where possible. In pre-packaged snacks, look for as few ingredients as possible.
  • Awareness of allergies: nut allergy is the most common with pre packaged snacks

Suggested Vendors:

Clear Snack Bins: Trade Fixtures,

Nuts & dried fruit: Bulk Foods,

Fresh Grab-and-Go Snacks: Craft & Savor, (NYC only)


How Things Fail


  • Ordering too much variety. Hard to track what gets eaten and sets up unrealistic expectations/entitlement.
  • No ordering system. Trying to please everyone and cater to their “wishlist.”
  • No feedback. You end up ordering snacks that don’t get eaten.
  • People usually get bored with snack selection. Every 3 months, change it up!

Download the 1-page guide

Fresh Grab-and-Go Snacks

Nuts, dried fruit and sweet potato chips

Drinks include water, kombucha and green juice

Posted by Next Jump Education Team

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