At Next Jump, every new hire goes through PLB – or “Personal Leadership Bootcamp.” PLB is a safe environment for new employees to identify their “backhand” – the thing that holds us back from reaching our full potential – and develop practice grounds to tackle it. Jiaxin, a recent PLB graduate, shared her experience and reflection at our all-staff meeting (reproduced below).

It is a privilege for me to stand here today as a PLB graduate. There are many, many people that helped me and supported me through the entire program. I know I cannot thank them enough even by giving them more than 5 Coronitas. However, right now is not the best best timing to do this. This moment is a moment of reflection, and I am here to share my PLB experience with all of you.

The backhand that stops me from being the better me is that I care about my own success too much, like more than anything else. I knew this was an issue before I actually joined Next Jump, to be honest. But what inspired me and made me want to change was my Hackathon teamwork experience with Chenxi and Jimmy in August. It was the night right before the project was due. After I got my part done, I decided to leave. On my way out, I saw that Chenxi and Jimmy were still working on the database part of the project. I thought they should be able to get their part done in time, so I left. However, on the next day, I found that both of them stayed up almost the entire night. Chenxi was able to get his part done earlier but he decided to try a more difficult approach since this approach would be more beneficial for users. Jimmy was not even in the team, but he helped us all through. That was the moment I realized that my own success might not be the most important thing. If yes, then what were Chenxi and Jimmy working for?

“That was the moment I realized that my own success might not be the most important thing.”

They were working for others. I knew the answer. This incident happened in the very early round of my PLB. Therefore, after that, when I worked with others, I started to pay even more attention to what my teammates really needed. And this ties back to my second story.

It happened on November 12th, the Sunday right before we launched the current saving page. I was working with Nina at the time. On that Sunday morning, the team received emails mentioning there were still some issues on the page that needed to be fixed. After that, I came into the office and tried to see what I could help. Later in the afternoon, after the QA team was done testing corresponding TRs, I went home. But later that night, like around 10:30pm, I found Nina was still up on Slack. I started to get worried, and thought maybe she’s still working. So, I asked her, is the page all right? Do you need extra help? I don’t live super far from the office. Maybe I can come in again to help what’s going on. She said it’s fine and she wanted me to stay home. I knew I was worried, but that was also the time I realized things were different now and I have changed. Before I went through PLB, if I encountered the same situation, I might not want to come into the office twice in a day on a weekend. But after I worked here for more than three months, who I am now, if people need me, I will be there.

When I look back to the past, I know clearly that my backhand was mainly caused by some terrible competition experience while I was at school, however, I got lucky. I am here, where all the people are nice and always try to be helpful for others. The entire environment serves as a caring practice ground, and my every interaction with people is just like a practice to me. It helps me to recover.

In the past few months, I was aware I spent a lot of effort and time to put myself out there and try to grow the most through PLB. I am also aware that my backhand might show up sometimes in the future. But I believe that by keeping practicing and with the help from my TP and others around me, I will be able to grow further.


Posted by Next Jump Education Team