At Next Jump, every new hire goes through PLB – or “Personal Leadership Bootcamp.” PLB is a safe environment for new employees to identify their “backhand” – the thing that holds us back from reaching our full potential – and develop practice grounds to tackle it. Saurabh shared his journey with us on learning to be okay with imperfection and being comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Hi everyone, I am Saurabh. It’s an honor to be here as a PLB graduate and share with you all about my PLB journey.

Before coming to next jump, if you would ask me about my backhand it would have been shyness, fear of public speaking, my soft-spoken nature, which I really wanted to work on. I am so soft spoken that Talha joked, I made him sleep when I gave a Throwdown announcement over the intercom. Over the course of this boot camp, I realized that this is not something that is stopping me to achieve what I want, it is my thought process which is making me go into my comfort zone and not take risks, and overthink or overanalyze situations when I have to perform well. I look for that perfect Vx, and if I don’t have the path set for it, that is when my backhand comes into action. My backhand is: “I overthink / overanalyze because I am afraid of failure,” which targets my confidence, articulation and most importantly my decision-making ability, which is what I realized in my 3rd round [of PLB].

My biggest struggle through the PLB process was to be consistent, which is key in having discipline in my life if I want to improve. I started practicing my rituals consistently in my 4th round. One of my consistent rituals was giving culture tour. Honestly, when I joined Next Jump, I saw Greg and Darrell give culture tours and wondered: it is going to take me a lot of time to get there and I have to be outspoken in order to give one and represent my company. After I gave the first tour, it was not as impossible as it seemed.

I started giving more culture tours, practicing with my TP, and other PLB’ers, consistently practicing being good at it, without overthinking on making it flawless. In fact, it motivated it – every tour I gave, guests had a “wow” reaction when I explained about PLB as our onboarding process. It made me realize how lucky I am to be a part of this company. That was the perfect ground for me to practice my confidence and articulation, and I started to volunteer to give culture tours. I was putting myself out there and being vulnerable, sharing my backhand with an unknown audience and practicing being comfortable in being uncomfortable.

Seeing other Next Jumpers working hard to achieve what they want and also helping others succeed also motivated me to push myself out of my comfort zone. People here have helped me along this journey and supported me in making a better me, and I have their support moving forward. With the PLB graduation, the journey does not end here. I can confidently say I have improved, but this is just the beginning. I was steering a small boat in the direction of bettering myself with all of your support, and now I have been given the opportunity to be on the big ship. I am aware that my backhand may show up from time to time, but I have the right tools to work on it and get better.

Thank you to my TP, flora and Catie, my coaches, Gowri and Chad, for all the amazing conversations we had and the challenging questions that were asked…I hope to work with you all. Proud to be a Next Jumper and thank you very much.

Posted by Next Jump Education Team

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