In this video, Charlie Kim, the founder and co-CEO of Next Jump, explains the concept of Industrial Age Cancer and in order for companies to further grow and develop, they have to get rid of it. Using Simon Sinek’s concept of “Why”, “How” and “What” framework, Charlie Kim further expands these concepts, applying it to companies, particularly CEOs, and provides clear explanations of what companies should do and should not do in order to move and adapt to the Information Age of businesses.

He first goes through the ‘Why’ segment (change your mind before you change your habits), giving a brief history background on the goals and values of the education system throughout the last two centuries, and how that is reflected in the working environment. Charlie Kim explains how even though society has moved towards the Information Age, many companies still have many elements from the Industrial Age, hence the term Industrial Age Cancer. Understanding the “why’ portion, however, is the first step in bringing performance improvement, and Charlie Kim explains the fundamental reasoning behind the Industrial Age Cancer and how that came into being.

Using Dr. Carol Dweck’s growth mindset vs. fixed mindset module, Charlie Kim explains the ‘How’ portion (who says you have to feel like it; action before motivation), detailing why CEOs should focus more on the growth mindset than fixed mindset to improve company culture. Through the key phrase ‘trending’, Charlie Kim emphasizes the importance of moving to the Information Age, and how to change towards a Growth Mindset.

Lastly, he goes through the What portion (Setup environment), explaining how this is where CEOs should spend the most time on. Using ideal work environments and culture examples and goals, Charlie Kim emphasizes the importance of the environment, giving it three levels: skills 10x, leadership 10x, and lastly, revenue 10x. Using real life examples from books, theoretical concepts, personal experiences and experiences of others, this video provides a thoughtful analysis of what CEOs should do to change towards the Information Age ideals by getting rid of Industrial Age Cancer, thereby improving company culture, employee performance and ultimately becoming a successful company.

Posted by Next Jump Education Team

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