Feedback is often badly delivered, poorly phrased, unfair…hard to hear. But it is up to the recipient to find the gold.

After presenting publicly, presenters receive a lot of feedback from judges and the audience. This feedback reflection process helps presenters process and digest the feedback they’ve received to help them improve for the future.

  1. Print out your feedback and read it.
  2. Talk about what’s on your mind with a trusted partner.
    It’s normal to feel emotionally charged. “Burn off” any emotions you have.
  3. Re-watch your Video.
    People’s expectations of themselves are often different than what reality is. Watching a video recording helps you see yourself through the perspective of an audience member. It’s also helpful to re-hear judge feedback as well. Watch a video recording of your presentation the same day (if not, then next day).
  4. Sleep on it.
  5. Read the printed feedback a second time.
    At this point you will be able to look at your feedback without feeling as emotional.
  6. Cross out what doesn’t resonate and highlight patterns.
    You may not find all feedback helpful or applicable. That is okay. After crossing out what doesn’t resonate, highlight patterns and trends within the feedback.
  7. Document and email key takeaways with you’re the 10x judges and other presenters.
    Sharing your takeaways with judges and other presenters helps you distill your takeaways into tangible thoughts and helps judges see what feedback ended up resonating with you. Over time, you can see how your feedback changes as you get more experience.

Posted by Next Jump Education Team

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