Click this link to download the research brief: Feedback Research Brief

Feedback has always been crucial for advancing learning – both individual and organizational. However, the promise of feedback has been much harder to realize in practice in most workplaces. Feedback conversations count as some of the hardest ones to have for most people. There is often little honest feedback being offered amidst the common fears of hurting relationships, managing impressions or being reprimanded. It is no easier to receive feedback “constructively” and use it to change personal behaviors. This is complicated by the degree to which feedback, even today, takes place in context of performance evaluation and compensation decisions and discussions. What would it look like to decouple feedback from its traditional performance appraisal goals, and instead deploy it for people development and as decision making data?

In this feedback brief you can learn more about key research from the areas of feedback and organizational learning that has shaped our beliefs and thinking about feedback in the workplace.

Posted by Next Jump Education Team

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