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An Integrated Approach to Fostering Social-emotional Learning

In this article “11 ways schools can – and should – involve families in SEL programming” by Leah Shafer and Stephanie Jones of the EASEL Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, offers practical insights for […]

Solving for Chronic Absenteeism by Partnering with Parents

As the new school year kickstarts, absenteeism is once again in the spotlight. A wide range of interventions to address chronic absenteeism have been tried and studied over the years. The article below, by Stacy Teicher […]

NxJ Summer Camp V.1: Looking Back & Going Forward

What Makes NxJ Summer Camp Different? The challenges that we noticed that kids (and sometimes their parents) are facing in school lives: Frustration Reaction Slow progress in academics Social challenges Trust The challenges that 2018 […]