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Reducing Lying, Hiding, Faking in Your Culture

Greg Kunkel, Head of Boston Office, goes over details on how organizations can overcome LHF and start a growing and learning culture.

About ‘NxJ Learning Lab’

As a company we have a long history of constantly experimenting with practices and rituals to build a learning organization for the 21st century. These experiments are grounded in research on a variety of topics […]

Feedback Reflection Process

Feedback is often badly delivered, poorly phrased, unfair…hard to hear. But it is up to the recipient to find the gold. After presenting publicly, presenters receive a lot of feedback from judges and the audience. […]

Situational Workshops

Context Situational Workshops are a ritual used to coach at scale. They are a consistent practice ground for coaches to practice coaching. Every employee participates in SWs. Leaders within the organization serve both as coaches […]

Why Every Organization Has Industrial Cancer

In this video, Charlie Kim, the founder and co-CEO of Next Jump, explains the concept of Industrial Age Cancer and in order for companies to further grow and develop, they have to get rid of […]

Healthy Snacks

Make the healthy choice the easy choice. Healthy Snacks is a program under our Fitness & Nutrition (FitNut) initiative. Healthy snacks provides an environment where the easy snack choice is a healthy one. The Origins […]