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Situational Workshops

Context Situational Workshops are a ritual used to coach at scale. They are a consistent practice ground for coaches to practice coaching. Every employee participates in SWs. Leaders within the organization serve both as coaches […]

Coaches vs. Handlers – Top 10 Mistakes

Tarun Gidoomal January 17, 2017 Coaches share their unpolished thoughts quickly to help their teams get thinking how to attack the problem. Handlers wait for a well devised plan for the team to execute on, […]

Situational Workshops: Coaching at Scale

Jooe Kim January 2, 2017 Coaching at Scale Situational Workshops (SWs) are Next Jump’s program for coaching at scale. They enable us to develop leaders at all levels in our organization – from our senior […]

Talking Partners: The First Circle of Safety

What are TPs? Talking Partners or Training Partners (TPs) is a co-mentoring program designed to help employees increase their awareness and improve judgment. Akin to a having a gym buddy – TPs are your Training […]

The Power of Not Feeling Alone at Work: Talking Partners

When I first moved from Next Jump’s headquarters in New York City to our Boston office, I was tasked with reorganizing our Network Operations team. It was one of the most lonely experiences I have ever […]