These 5 Personality Characteristics Can Impact How You Receive Feedback and What You Do With It

Feedback on performance provides valuable information that individuals can use to redirect effort in pursuit of important goals and improved performance (Dweck & Leggett, 1988; Fishbach, Eyal, & Finkelstein, 2010; Ilgen & Davis, 2000). Historically, […]

About Voices From the Field

This is where you can learn about next jumper experiences and perspectives on the various practices and rituals at next jump – what is it like to receive critical feedback in front of their colleagues? […]

Changing Nature of Feedback Giving to Spur Creative Work and Self-awareness

Historically, research suggests that positive feedback that affirms a behavior and is concrete and task-focused is more likely to generate positive changes in individual performance. However, more recent research indicates that specific feedback is most […]

About ‘NxJ Learning Lab’

As a company we have a long history of constantly experimenting with practices and rituals to build a learning organization for the 21st century. These experiments are grounded in research on a variety of topics […]

Feedback Reflection Process

Feedback is often badly delivered, poorly phrased, unfair…hard to hear. But it is up to the recipient to find the gold. After presenting publicly, presenters receive a lot of feedback from judges and the audience. […]

NxJ Summer Camp V.1: Looking Back & Going Forward

What Makes NxJ Summer Camp Different? The challenges that we noticed that kids (and sometimes their parents) are facing in school lives: Frustration Reaction Slow progress in academics Social challenges Trust The challenges that 2018 […]

Situational Workshops

Context Situational Workshops are a ritual used to coach at scale. They are a consistent practice ground for coaches to practice coaching. Every employee participates in SWs. Leaders within the organization serve both as coaches […]