What’s the Formula for Success/Motivation/Drive/Happiness?

Executive Summary In this video, Charlie Kim explains the formula for success, motivation, drive and happiness. The formula is a pie chart, of where your success, motivation drive and happiness is 50% past, 10% future […]

Moneyball of Leadership: Predictors of High Performance Cultures

McKinsey has written studies that over 90 percent of CEOs plan to increase investment in leadership development because they see it as the single most important human-capital issue their organizations face.1 Theo Epstein, the general manager of the Cubs […]

Book of Mistakes: Introducing Feedback

At Next Jump, we’ve started to compile our Lessons Learned in something we’re calling, Our Book of Mistakes. We’ll tag new posts as #BookofMistakes When we started sharing our Feedback App with other organization’s a few months ago, […]

Culture of Feedback by Greg Kunkel, Next Jump’s Co-Founder

Presentation given at Next Jump Leadership Academy on February 10, 2017, with leaders in attendance from the field of education, including The New American Academy. Highlights: 0:38 – Are you lining up for comforting lies? 1:36 – […]

Coaches vs. Handlers – Top 10 Mistakes

Tarun Gidoomal January 17, 2017 Coaches share their unpolished thoughts quickly to help their teams get thinking how to attack the problem. Handlers wait for a well devised plan for the team to execute on, […]

How to Receive Feedback Effectively

When receiving feedback effectively, frequency matters and transparency matters. If you have a culture where feedback occurs frequently, it’s easier for people to take both positive and negative feedback in stride with less emotional volatility. […]

Who is Entitled to Feedback?

Feedback is a gift. For someone to take the time and energy to observe you and share their feedback is something valuable. No one is entitled to receive feedback.   Next Jump Practice   At […]

What if I Don’t Agree with the Feedback I’m Given?

Whether you agree or disagree with all feedback you receive, recognize all of these data points are based off the perception of those around you. That’s where frequency is helpful as well – getting more […]