Voices from the Field

This is where you can learn about next jumper experiences and perspectives on the various practices and rituals at next jump – what is it like to receive critical feedback in front of their colleagues? How do they work on getting better at giving candid feedback? What happens when they share a challenging perspective? In most organizations these lessons and insights stay private and confidential, often captured as part of employee surveys. At the next jump, in contrast, reflecting on experiences and sharing them widely is regular practice. This is where you can read these reflections on a range of themes including feedback, coaching, learning and leadership.

Saurabh’s Journey
April 20, 2018

Jack’s Journey
April 13, 2018

Flora’s Journey
April 6, 2018

Shruti’s Journey
March 30, 2018

Victor’s Journey
March 23, 2018

Jiaxin’s Journey
January 24, 2018